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Trip to the Water Tower

Many of you bloggers may have passed by your local water tower, proabably even more of you have wondered, "What the heck is in there?" well I have the answers.
We first journeyed into the tower because my next door neighbor is basically the boss of everything that involves water in the city. So he got the hook up for our entire young mens group to venture inside.
The real reason we had the chance to get in is because the inside of the water tower needed to be painted. The outside (as I'm sure you can tell) is left to rust which actually gives it more protection, one of the men who showed us around told us that the graffiti that gets put on is gone within the week. Both me and my dad thought that we were get in through the top down a ladder but much to our suprise we entered through a 3ft hole in the side.
Merrill Bingham (my neighbor) explained that in a single hot summers day that tank is empty and filled 18 times! The hole in this picture is where all the water comes out from, imagine that.
This last picture is where the overflow water goes, it then travels under a bunch of homes and into another water tower by the Provo Temple. The area above this pipe is the reason that the tank needed to be painted. All the water vapor pays its toll on the above area and makes the water chip off.

"Theres a Hawk in my Coop!"

Today we had quite the suprise. My dad owns about 40 pigeons spread into two different coops. On occasion a hawk would venture by and eat a pigeon. My dad usually gets out his trusty 'flipper' and scares off the scoundrels but today was different. Just when he was walking out to feed the pigeons he noticed something was astir. When he walked over he saw that one of his favorite pigeons was on the floor and the hawk was in the coop. He shut the door on it and came and got us kids. As it turns out, the hawk had tried to get in before and finally figured out the one way door. Now he's trapped and sometime in the next week we're going to take him out and set him free. Oh and its a Coopers Hawk for you animals lovers out there like me.

Photos from the Canyon

This is a picture in the middle of Provo Canyon. I had to take it from inside the car so right outside the sunset its a little splotchy.

This ones my favorite, its right at the mouth of Provo Canyon

These last two are the same as the first but I think I eventually rolled down the window to take them.